The Darkest Galaxy


The Darkest


The human race is ready to cross the limits of its existence; advancement in the science and technology has reached its zenith…and then, aliens arrive in a dramatic fashion. There is carnage galore. People are dying by the second, yet they claim to be benevolent aliens. Why?

NASA’s scientists are baffled by the greatest unprecedented catastrophic event in the history of mankind…

In the eye of the storm, the most powerful man, the U.S President, is fighting a losing battle…

Thomas Hardy was an upright soldier who became an underworld don and fell in love with Cuckoo, a singer; both are captured by evil incarnate Nuby, the most dreaded international terrorist and an instrument of repression and despotism. The war takes them to the jungles of the Benny region of Bolivia amidst the cruelest of drug traffickers. With the spirit of independence, love and sacrifice in the air and the loss of millions of humans and wildlife, the question is….Will this galaxy become the darkest in the universe?

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The Darkest Galaxy
The Darkest Galaxy

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